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Vieruodis VOTTERY Battery Accessories

Vieruodis VOTTERY Battery Accessories

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Introducing the Vieruodis VOTTERY Battery Accessories, designed to enhance your energy storage system. These high-quality accessories are designed with reliability and longevity in mind, ensuring optimal performance for your battery setup.

With a CE certification, you can trust in the safety and quality of these accessories. The Vieruodis VOTTERY Battery Accessories are built to last, backed by a 10-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and long-term support.

Choose from two battery sizes, 48V 100AH or 48V 200AH, to meet your specific energy storage requirements. These LiFePO4 batteries offer excellent performance and reliability, delivering consistent power for your applications.

The VOTTERY Battery Accessories from Vieruodis are designed to be compatible with the VTLF48V-A233 model. This model boasts a CE, MSDS, and UN38 certification, ensuring compliance with safety standards. It is manufactured in Guangdong, China, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship.

The weight of these batteries varies, with options of 55kg and 95kg, allowing you to choose the suitable option for your installation. The discharge rate of 5KW provides ample power output for your energy needs.

With a nominal voltage of 48V or 51.2V, the VOTTERY Battery Accessories offer consistent voltage levels, enabling seamless integration into your system. The LiFePO4 battery chemistry ensures excellent efficiency and reliability.

Communication options such as RS232, RS485, and DRY Contact are available, facilitating easy monitoring and control of your battery system. Stay informed and manage your energy storage with convenience.

The cycle life of these batteries is impressive, with a rating of 6000 cycles at 0.5C and 80% depth of discharge (DOD). Designed for longevity, they offer reliable performance over an extended period. The design cycle life is projected at 20 years, ensuring a durable and sustainable solution.

The Vieruodis VOTTERY Battery Accessories are part of the Integrative Solar Powered ESS - Vertical Chassis Series. These accessories can be seamlessly integrated into your energy storage system, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

Choose the modular energy option that suits your needs, ranging from 5kWh to 100kWh. Whether you require a smaller capacity or a more substantial energy storage solution, Vieruodis has you covered.

Upgrade your energy storage system with the reliable and efficient Vieruodis VOTTERY Battery Accessories. Enjoy the benefits of sustainable power, efficient communication, and long-lasting performance. Experience the quality and reliability of Vieruodis accessories for your energy storage needs.

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